MechCommander 2X (MC2X)
Familiar And Better


 MC2X and all related work is for non-commercial enterprise only!

This is for fun and keeping a great game of tactical command alive.  

Every use is under your sole responsibility and at your own risk.  

Read Microsoft's Shared Source Limited Permissive License for use of MechCommander® 2 carefully.

 If you do not agree, don't use MC2X in any ways. 

 MC2X is an extended MC2 gaming and mission design environment. It is built on the extended and freshly compiled MechCommander 2 system files based on the source code released by Microsoft and covered under the shared license agreement. The MC2X Design Kit provides several additional tools and viewers to allow easy mission design.

MC2X is neither a total conversion nor a revolutionary approach to change MechCommander2.
It is intended to be an evolutionary improvement over time and keep the touch and feel of the original.
The objective for the great game's mod is to keep everything familiar and make it better at the same time.

This is a stand-alone installation; do not mix with any other MC2 installations or expansion packs.
MC2X is based on the released MC2 source code; the source code release did not contain multiplayer gaming functionality nor embedded video capability. Therefore MC2X does not support multiplayer gaming nor in game videos. Because of the missing video capability of the released source code.
MC2X does not contain the CARVER V campaign. 

MC2X is NOT compatible to any other MC2 mod or campaigns/missions: never mix files/folders.

Before you download check the supported resolutions and operating systems.

Tested supported OS (32 and 64 bit): 
Win XP,  Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10

Supported screen resolutions:
1280by720, 1280by800, 1280by1024, 1366by768, 1440by900, 1600by900,

1600by1200, 1680by1050, 1856by1392, 1920by1080, 1920by1200, 2048by1536


+ Familiar but better User Interface.

 + Largest object inventory

+ Largest selection of deployable unit types and units 

+ Largest number of in-game support options.

+ Largest number of options to adapt game play. 

Hardware Requirements:

 The hardware requirements for MC2 had been very low by todays standards for a gaming PC when the game was released over a decade. As map-sizes, inventory and features have hugely increased, the former hardware requirements printed on he MC2 CD box are no longer valid for MC2X. Without being able to specify it exactly: a gaming PC with fast CPU and GPU and an average amount of RAM for a modern gaming PCs is now required.