MechCommander 2X (MC2X)
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09.09.2021, 11:45

MC2X-CVE-G (R08) released

CARVER V Gaming-Only-Edition integrated into latest MC2X (R52).   mehr

05.09.2021, 09:37

MC2X Design Package (R52) released.

Fixes, improvements and new features.   mehr

03.09.2021, 12:04

Targeted release for Campaign REAP in mid October 2021.


01.09.2021, 10:55

Working on MC2X(R52) and Campaign REAP.


24.06.2021, 10:58

Extended Support Palette

The support Palette was extended by 4 new support options: Lander, Transport, Humvee and Stinger. To cover all options a second options selection page was implemented. This new feature will be available with...   mehr